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Business Building Lessons & Tools For Your Mobile Device!

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Desktop Training Systems

Highly interactive, “gamified” training platforms keep students engaged throughout their learning Journey.

Synchronized Lessons

The lessons are synchronized with the training website.  As you complete quizzes and homework, you will gain access to additional mobile app lessons.        

Mobile App System Access

Custom “native” app is used on  mobile devices for lesson access rather than browser-based website links.

Download and Watch Later

The 60 Days to Silver Mobile App allows you to download upcoming lessons and previously recorded zoom call videos so you can watch them when the internet is nowhere near. (Think hiking, airplanes, large conventions! )

Who is e-Tech?

40 Years of Engineering Design and Development Experience as a public speaker, author, and the developer of training products for many years, Ron has a good handle on the Technology and tools and knows what it takes to help people both find and achieve their goals.

Since you never know when you will have time to continue your learning, we make sure you can access it using any device you have with you.

Desktop PC, Mac, iPhone, Android, iPad, or Tablet.

About us

e-Tech Design Associates is a technology and app design and development company that develops easy to use and well integrated products to help direct sellers earn as quickly as possible.

Our mission

Our mission is to provide training and tools to help direct sellers build their businesses and reach their goals.

Our Tech


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